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Sprinting. One of the most competitve yet cheapest and exciting forms of motorsport. And now thanks to a unique partnership with Blyton Park and Performance Trackdays we are delighted to be able to bring you a 3 Round Championship for you to test your skills and your car against the clock!

How does it work?
It's simple. You practice on the full circuit, then we set up an advanced laser timing system accurate to one thousandth of a second, and then we let you do a lap with no one in your way, as fast as you can.  

That's the great thing about Sprinting. Whilst the fastest car of the day will win a prize, it's the consistency of fast laps that we look for. Simply put, if you're consistently fast in your car, you are more likely to win than someone who puts in a fluke fast lap, but messes up other laps. It's very safe too, Blyton Park is a technical and fast circuit, but with huge run off areas and a great safety record. 

There are 3 Trophies at the end of each day, one for each discipline:

1/ Individual fastest single lap. Quite simply, the fastest car there on the day wins this one. 
2/ Fastest average over all their all timed laps for a car and driver.  The challenge is to be fast over your timed laps, but not to overdo it as hitting a cone or having 4 wheels over a white line records "no time". This means you're driving towards your limit, but if you over-do it and record a DNF (Did not Finish) for a lap may put you out of the running. 
3/ Most consistent time. We take all the timed laps, and the driver with the least difference in time no matter what their time is, wins the category. Consistent driving is harder than it sounds. In a tie, the fastest time wins, so it's still a good idea to go as fast as you can.

Drivers can practice and perfect their lines in the morning ready for the competition in the afternoon. We can also offer 1-2-1 tuition at an extra fee to give you a sharper edge. Our tuition is great for all abilities whether you’re a first timer novice or a seasoned pro who wants to sharpen up on their skills.
Blyton Park - Saturday 17th May 2014 > Track Day & SprintBlyton Park - Saturday 17th May 2014 > Track Day & Sprint
Circuit Statistics: Blyton Park - Full Layout Format: Track Day & Sprint Length: 1.4 miles /2.25 kms Corners: 9 Max Noise: 105dB Static

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